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Coffee Products

Coffee Growing

Utilizing over 120 hectares of prime growing slopes, in the most salubrious climatic conditions in the world, we harvest about 150 tonnes of the finest Arabica and Robusta Coffee beans each year. For Arabica we have specifically chosen S.795 strain of coffee; usually avoided by other planters, because this strain is prone to disease and requires extra tender care. The fruit produces the most sought after flavour of Arabica coffee in the world. This is grown at optimum elevations of 3000 – 4000 feet above mean sea level.

Robusta Coffee a mix of old Robusta and S.274 are grown at lower elevations.

In Coffee, just as in Tea the Kelagur Mathias Plantation differs from other growers and processors in many ways:

  • The expansive tea planting infrastructure is strategically synergized with coffee cultural operations to maximize irrigation, planting , labour and processing efficiencies. This results in industry leading yield averages, enhanced productivity ratios and award winning product quality.

  • Coffee plants are protected by not one but two levels of natural canopy shade cover. Upper canopy comprising of trees from the FICUS Family (goni, bilibasari, mitli, atthi ) Albizzia Family (kalbage or pottabage ), Jackfruit, gandha garige.

  • Lower canopy of shade is Erythrina/Dadap.

  • Sourced naturally from the Kelagur Hills, pure spring water is harvested and sprinkled over the plants. This is the final link in the growing chain that differentiates them from most of our competitors.

  • On site pulping and curing capabilities ensure that the harvested fruit is processed at its peak of freshness without delays in transportation or holding.

  • Finally we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by storing our Washed, Honey processed and Natural processed coffee for 2 to 3 months in a seasoned hardwood dunnage box. Many growers, have tried and tested various alternatives of bean storage, but the awards to the Kelagur Mathias Plantation confirm our method is just that little bit superior! “Much like the aging process in good wines, the beans go through this maturation process, that we have pioneered, during which they develop full bodied flavour profiles much sought after by coffee aficionados around the world,” says Managing Partner Peter Mathias.

Coffee Processing

The estate has fully integrated facilities for coffee processing, with on-site pulper house and curing works. Fourteen perennial springs on the estate ensure that the washed Arabica and Robusta are of the highest standard.

Handpicked ripe coffee is sorted, stored in a cherry loft, then goes to a Sagar Ecoflex 5000 Model Vertical pulping Unit – which meets the strict demands of Pollution Control and washes the coffee clean with spring water, ensures a thick mix of the washed mucilage and pulp through a screw conveyor to the compost pit – Columbian BECOLSUB System. Coffee is dried to the correct moisture content.

The coffee is then packed in clean gunny bags and stored in a seasoned hardwood dunnage box (maturation bin).

The facility also exists on the estate for curing, grading and roasting.

Our Kelagur Heights Coffee are UTZ Certified, ensuring sustainability, complying with the desired Social and Environmental responsibility. Our Coffees are estate Branded, ensuring Traceability.

Kelagur Estate is a member of Speciality Coffee Association of India (SCAI).Produces Speciality Coffee, selected crimson/blood red fruits are harvested and processed as Natural or Honey Processed.

The following Sepciality Coffees are produced, namely

  • Honey Processed Coffee – Yellow
  • Honey Processed Coffee – Red and
  • Naturals.

Kelagur Heights Speciality Coffees are presently exported to Australia, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Pulping Unit

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Pulped Sun Dried Coffee

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Arabica Washed Coffee in
Drying Yard

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Arabica Parchment

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Arabica Coffee Ripe Fruit

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Engel Berg Coffee Huller

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Coffee Naturals

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Honey Processed Coffee – Red

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Honey Processed Coffee – Yellow

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Sagar Ecoflex 5000 Model Vertical Pulping Unit

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Kelagur Coffee & Tea Estate Risk Analysis

Kelagur Mathias Coffee

Honey Coffee