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Tea Growing

With over 150 Hectares of Tea, the plantation yields an industry leading average of over 4000 Kgs per hectare. Highly trained pluckers move from bush to bush selecting only the tenderest green leaves in a manner that is far superior to the best mechanized system in the rest of the tea tracts.

The Kelagur Mathias Plantation is unique from other producers in a host of ways:

  • Blending is done in the fields and not in different factories as is done by most other tea blenders. Seeds dark Manipuri, from different blends are sourced from Assam in Northern India and strategically planted in selected acreage to maximize superior blend quality at the time of plucking.

  • The location boasts the highest field elevations in the state of Karnataka. This provides ideal growing conditions such as higher humidity and ideal temperatures. To further enhance the quality of our tea product; the tea was planted in virgin soil.

  • Sourced naturally from the Kelagur Hills, pure spring water is harvested and sprinkled over the plants. The natural mineral content of this water enhances the flavour profile of our tea.

  • Cloning is done on site resulting in superior strains providing higher yields, maximum disease resistance, and key flavour attributes.

  • The selection of only the most tender leaves, ensure maximum polyphenols content which in turn delivers the desired key tea qualities; Briskness, Brightness, Colour and Strength.

Withering of Tea Leaves


CTC Machines

Continuous Fermenting Machine (CFM)



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Tea Processing

Freshly plucked tender leaves are transported (without delay) from the field to the Kelagur Tea Factory. Due to field wighment and tractor trailer mobility on our estate roads, tender green leaf reaches the factory within half an hour, preserving inherent quality/freshness.

The withering process achieves maximum sealing of polyphenols which contain key Flavour, Colour attributes

We have 5100 square ft of withering area allowing a maximum of 1.5 Kg of withering per square ft compared to 4 to 5 Kg per square ft of withering by other tea manufacturers.We utilize the latest technology in cutting with two banks of CTC Machines providing higher volumes of throughput.

During fermentation process the polyphenols are oxidized and the main tea flavour aroma characters of Theaflavin (TF), Thearubigin (TR) and High Polymerised Substances are formed.We have installed a Continuous Fermenting Machine (CFM). This ensures the whole fermenting process is fully atomized to compute variable ambient temperature and humidity to get consistently fermented dhool.

To ensure even drying we utilize two of the latest Fluid bed driers wherein fermentation is correctly arrested to ensure TF is at the highest and TF/TR ratio (1:10) is maintained to preserve the five key tea character attributes of flavor, Briskness, Strength, Brightness and color.The entire tea process has been conveyorized to avoid manual handling which tends to destroy quality.

Finally because of selective plucking, which is unique to only very few tea estates;  we produce a premium tea with optimum characteristics.