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23rd January 2009 – With regard to M/s Kelagur Estate, UPASI TRF is proud of the property and its management.

I am been informed that M/s Kelagur estate has touched 4303 kgs of made tea/ha, which is one of the highest for a tea estate in Karnataka. This has been made possible by merely following very systematically all UPASI recommendations, after fine tuning the practices. I can vouch by saying that the estate adopts all UPASI recommendations systematically, keeping in mind fixed targets and motivating the staff and workers under the management of the estate. The estates join hands as a team in achieving the targets. The great leadership of Mr. Peter Mathias adds to the success. As Director of UPASI TRF I would like to recommend M/s Kelagur estate as a model to show how success could be achieved by judiciously following UPASI TRF’s recommendations. We all in UPASI TRF are proud of them. We would like to Congratulate Mr. Peter Mathias and his team members including the workers for achieving this fete. We wish them all the very best to continue to keep this trend under the able leadership of Mr. Peter Mathias.


With regards
Dr. Mohan Kumar
Director, UPASI TRF

20th August 1995 – By Late Praxy Fernandez IAS, Ex Finance Secretary Government of India

Roman Banquettes –warmth and hospitality in the finest Mathias tradition – exhilarory hymns in the Kelagur Chapel – Lessons in Management from Peter Drucker Mathias – hovering under the spirit of Sathab and Eddiebab.

H.A Bennett & Sons Pty Limited , Australia -Remarks of the Coffee profile of our Kelagur Heights UTZ Certified Speciality Coffee – Naturals.

Cup is sweet and well rounded with a full creamy body and soft acidity. Flavours of roasted nuts and fresh butter through to a strong dry cocoa length

Here’s what German Buyer Hans Richard Heike has to say about Kelagur Coffee:

This is a real great Coffee. Never had an India Arabica and Robusta like that. Excellent quality, excellent cup, just right now in front of me. So full and floral. We are enthusiastic and we are so thankful. Claudia was crying when she saw the wonderful bags and had her first cup. We are so close to this coffee

Padre Coffee

Indian Kelagur Heights Coffee is very different to the Natural we’ve featured through the beginning of 2015. The Geisha hybrid is a fascinating coffee, but more importantly a delicious one- a rich cup filled with complex flavours of spice, melon and cocoa, juicy body and a burnt toffee finish.